The Most Popular Online Gambling Sites Amongst Women

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The Most Popular Online Gambling Sites Amongst Women

More women than ever before are signing up to online gambling sites. Many operators have now shifted who they are targeting with their ad campaigns and availability of games on offer to cater for this rise. Once dark and practical graphics that cater to men’s taste have now been replaced with neon sites, memorable personalities and fluffy kittens.


Operators know that women are much more likely to stay loyal to a site, rather than men who like to try a varied approach with multiple sites. That is why it is so important to appeal to them and give them exactly what they want so they remain a loyal customer. It also provides an insight into why certain online gambling sites are popular amongst women.

Bingo Anyone?

Many ladies seem to prefer the online slot games such as online bingo, and other popular slot games.

Digital Lives

Our digital lives seems to be the lynch pin of the rise of the female ‘glam-bler’, with many even turning their hands to the once male only sports bets and poker games.

But, what are the most popular online gambling sites amongst women, read on for our top pick.


This well know online operator knows exactly who makes up its majority audience and from social media, to TV ad campaigns and the games it offers are the reason it is one of the most popular sites amongst women.


There recent campaign features no other than Paris Hilton advertising ‘free spins for all’, and BGO saw a spike in female gamblers signing up via their online site once it aired.


They know what women like and they deliver it to them in abundance. Luck based games such as ‘Starburst’ and ‘Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix’ are all brightly coloured and are popular amongst women.

Bingo Sites

Online bingo seems one of the most popular sites for women and with the number of ladies sites offering this with attractive bonuses and campaigns featuring lots of well known personalities during day time TV hours it isn’t hard to see why sites like Tombola, Foxy Bingo, Jackpot Joy and Wink Bingo are all some of the favourites for women to go to.

888 Ladies

This site has thousands of online casino games for women which is why it is one of the most popular sites amongst them. Their ‘Diamond Bingo’ and Enchanted garden games all appeal, and keep the ‘glam-blers’ coming back for more.


There are a number of reasons why women gamble online and the online slot escapism of the games is so alluring to the modern women. It provides an escape, a chance to win money or just a little bit of fun which is why so many sites now appeal to this market if you need help finding a ladies site that is just right for you then here at Slot Candy we can help.

Article Written by Vicki Cockerill

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