Gambling Habits Revealed

Slot Candy - Men vs women; gambling habits revealed.

Men vs Women; Gambling Habits Revealed.

It seems that the gender divide is slowly closing when it comes to online gambling. Roughly half of the overall players each month are now female which is a stark rise thanks to the birth of online casino’s and clever marketing campaigns.

A recent 888 survey saw that 56.2% men and 43.8% women were online gambling each and every month which shows the gap to be nearly non-existent.

   Slot Candy - Men-vs-Women;-Gambling-Habits-Revealed 

Gambling is no longer seen as a male dominated area with women even getting in on sports betting wagers. But, do men and women’s online gambling habits really differ? We take a look below at ‘men vs women; gambling habits revealed’.


Recent research undertook by the UK Gambling Commission found that 53% of men gamble every month, while 44% of women gamble online and 33% of the people surveyed admitted to having partook in some sort of gambling in the last month.

If this research is anything to go by it shows how large the online gambling market is. This could be down to a number of reasons, many of which are put down to the fact that online gambling has now had a face lift with developing technology, especially with thanks to mobile apps, anyone can play anything, anytime and anywhere.

Why play?

It seems as though there is general consensus across the bored of why each gender chooses to gamble. Money, being into it to win it and boredom seem to be the leading reasons amongst the sexes.

Sports Bets

Traditionally men have been the ones to frequent betting shops and are considered as ‘experts’ in the field.

This is also reflected in their statistical gambling habits, showing that 73% of males prefer sports wagers, whilst approximately 30% prefer playing poker; although is a stark comparison to the 60% of women who prefer online bingo and 40% of women who prefer to dabble in online sports bets and sportsbooks betting which implies that slowly, women are changing their gambling habits to take part in more wagers.


It seems as though age is a factor in the analysis of the online gambling habits of men vs women. Women tend to try gambling much later in life, and this may be down to the fact that men, on a whole, are more likely to engage in more riskier activities than women.

The average age for a male online casino gambling rookie is 20.4, compared to the average age of an online casino female gamlber, weighing in at 34.2 years as an average age.

Socially a lot is expected of women, where as is it deemed as more acceptable for a man to gamble even today.

Type of Game

The types of game each gender prefer to play is an insight into their gambling habits. Men prefer to try their hands at more competitive games which require skill and strategy where as women like to play luck/chance based games.

27% of men and 19% of women choose to play Roulette. 30% of men and 20% of the online woman gambling population like poker; showing that there isn’t too much of a difference in the type of game each sex is playing regularly.


It seems that one habit that is universal and not determined by sex is the fact that 1/3 of men and women admitting that they have used someone else’s account to place a bet. Both genders also frequently gamble online when they are in the bathroom, at family events and shockingly when they are driving!

All about the money

When it comes to the gender it seems as though women are more likely to cash in their winnings when they receive a big pay out, and less likely to reinvest in compared to their male counterparts.

Men indulge in bigger and riskier bets than the ladies. Women tend to be more loyal in the sites that they choose to play on and tend to stick to one or two where men will try their hand at a variety.

All about the money - Men-vs-Women;-Gambling-Habits-Revealed.--Slot-Candy

As the chart shows women tend to favour smaller bets than men by with just over half spending between £1-£10.00 a week.

With the playing field becoming more equal everyday between men and women, their habits when it comes to online gambling will become even more interesting.

Article Written by Vicki Cockerill

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