Why play Totesport for Horse Racing and Sportsbook Betting

Galloping into first place in history as the leading horse racing sports brand, Totesport is easily one of the most distinguished names in the online sportsbook gaming world.

About Totesport

Winston Churchill established Totesport originally in 1927, and since then Totesport has evolved into one of the biggest names in the Horse Racing industry. You can rest assured that when you sign up for your account and start betting on Horses and Sportsbooks, you’ll find it one of the most exciting and rewarding online gambling sportsbook sites within the UK.

Totesport Welcome Offer & Sign Up Bonus

You’re spoilt for choice with Casino games, sports games, general games and Totepool. You’ll definitely find something at Totesport for everybody. Every new player received a Free Welcome bonus upon signing up.

Your Welcome Offer and Sign Up bonus includes a generous, free £25 bet on any Sport and £10 cash back on selected games. You’ll find leading couples like the Double Delight and Hat-Trick heaven, which are regularpromotions intended to keep every players heart racing with adrenaline.

What is Totepool and how does it work?

With Totepool betting, each player is offered a fine alternative to fixed-odds betting with horse racing or greyhound racing.

Instead of settling for a price (known as the odds) on a particular selection, you can bet into the imfamous Totepool whereby your winnings are calculated using the allocated number of winners. This has it’s obvious advantages and disadvantages.

Just like a sweepstake, or lottery, whereby all the money staked by players gets put into a big pot – If there are a lot of winners, then the pot will be shared by more people so as you can expect the payout will be smaller. However, if only a few, or even just a single player hits the jackpot – the payout can be life changing!

Remember! It only takes one game, one spin, one bet to change your life forever! The winnings could be huge!