How Not To Lose Your Head

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Women’s Gambling Behaviour; How Not To Lose Your Head

It isn’t hard to see why now a days more and more women are being lured into online gambling by attractive social media campaigns, television advertising and the promise of free money.

Ladies Night

Most online gambling site’s marketing campaigns depict a ladies night out with friends, where everyone is socialising and having fun.

With a worrying rise in female gambling addicts we take a closer look into women’s gambling behaviour and advise you how not to lose your head.

Why do women gamble online?

A smoke filled betting shop filled with men clutching onto rolled up copies of the Racing Post, with a pen behind their ears, or rich men with a brady retiring to the games room to play poker after dinner tend to be synonymous with our view of gambling.

But, this is very much an out of date mis conception with around 44% of women now making up the number of gamblers that dabble in online gambling each month.

Once you begin to look at why women gamble online you can start to see a trend in the behaviour of those that choose to do so.

Modern Lifestyle

Lifestyles have changed and more so then ever before society expects women to be achieving a work, house and motherhood balance which can leave the average person feeling drained and frazzled by the end of the week.

Many feel as through they cannot be bothered to go out and instead look for other ways to unwind. With nearly everyone now having some form of smart phone, tablet or desktop online gambling has revolutionised the way the genders gamble.

It provides easy, accessible and if needs be private means of trying your luck at some online slots or a game of poker.

Private and Anonymous

For those with social anxiety that can relax in the knowledge knowing they can take part and not even have to leave the house, or have a quick game of bingo while the children are at school all from the comfort of the sofa.

One of the main reasons women turn to online gambling is that it provides an escape from their everyday lives and gives them a chance to learn something new that they haven’t been able to before with the ‘glass ceiling’ in place. Many also provide a social element with online chart features.

Money, Chance and Boredom

A recent survey by the heavyweight operator 888 saw 1000 people being surveyed about why they gamble and saw 54.9% of women were gambling for money, 51.8% took part so they could be in it to win it, and 22.5% of women did so because they were bored.

Slot Candy - Women’s Gambling Behaviour; How Not To Lose Your Head


One of main characteristics if women’s gambling behaviour that differs to men is that women tend to stay loyal to one, or even two sites where as men will refer to dabble in a variety.

This means that the operators know that it is even more important to respond to women’s gambling behaviour to keep their players happy, engaged and loyal.

Splash the Cash

Women will tend to spend less that £10 a week on bets and are less likely to place bets of large quantities compared to men who will usually practice more risky behaviour. Women tend to prefer online games such as bingo, slot games with sports betting becoming more popular among the female players in event years.

How to Reduce the Risk

With ads filling our newsfeeds, in between our favourite television shows and much loved celebrities trying to lure us in with their promises of great bonuses how can you reduce the risk and not lose your head?


Mobile apps and 24 hour customer service means that you really can play anywhere, anytime and it is easy to see why you may become addicted.


Many sites will now allow you to set a monetary limit for you not to go over. This should then help stop you from placing and potentially loosing above your means.

It is also a good idea to have a set time limit of how much time you are spending playing online games each week as well or you may find yourself like a surprising % of people taking part in online gambling whilst they are in the bathroom, at a family function or even driving! (not advisable).

Seek Help

If you feel as though it is beginning to affect your behaviour, your relationships or even your finances then it is time to call time and seek some help in the form of therapy or a self-help group.

We all know the famous slogan ‘when the fun stops, stop’, and it really does ring true with women’s gambling behaviour and how not to lose your head.

Here at Slot Candy we believe in responsible playing and we are here to help you make the best decision for you.

Article Written by Vicki Cockerill

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