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Who Are The Most Influential Women In Gambling?

Gambling of yester year was very much a man’s game with a woman place being seen by his side and not heard. But, surprisingly even back in the 1800’s there were a number of influential women that pushed the boundaries of what a female could achieve in the male dominated gambling arena. Here, we look at who are the most influential women in gambling.

‘Poker Alice’

Back in 1851 there was one lady bulldozing her way through the poker tables. It was very rare for a woman to be seen as the face of gambling but ‘Poker Alice’ (Alice Ivers Duffield Tubbs Huckert) was an English poker player and the one of the most famous figures of the American Frontier spending her poker winnings on a trip to New York and supposedly became a bootlegger and opening a brothel! Poker Alice, was and still is regarded as one of the most influential women in gambling.

Lottie Deno

With a title like ‘Poker Queen’, it is easy to see why she is regarded as one of the most influential women in gambling. She had a successful professional poker playing career, retired early and lived very comfortably off her winnings until the age of 89. This is why Lottie has made it into our Who Are The Most Influential Women In Gambling? article.

Denise Coates

Denise is CEO of the household and world renowned online casino site Bet365. She took the ultimate gamble and bet her family’s home and savings into turning a small high street chain of betting shops into a multibillion pound online casino site. She is one of the highest paid bosses in the UK and has a rumoured nest egg that is larger than Sir Richard Branson’s! The site takes 12 billion pounds in bets every year and makes her one of the most influential women in gambling.

Pansy Ho

Co-chair of MGM Macau and the ‘Queen of gambling’ she was born with a self-confessed silver gambling chip in her mouth, as her Dad is a famous Chinese gambling tycoon. But, it was her sheer business attribution and ambition as one if the most famous influential women in gambling that saw her opening up MGM Macau and is one of Hong Kong’s richest women.

Vanessa Selbst

If you love poker than chances are you have heard of this influential woman. She is one of the most successful poker players of all time and is the only woman in the whole world to have been ranked number one on the global index. Alongside winning three, yes three! World Series Poker bracelets and two North American Poker Tour Main Event Titles, she has shown a whole new generation of female players what can be achieved.

This is just a small section of influential women in gambling, and there are so many more, from celebs like Jennifer Tilly and Pamala Anderson to Judy Bagley, Jennifer Harman and many more it is clear that there are a lot more influential women in gambling than we thought there was and some dating back to the 1800’s!

Article Written by Vicki Cockerill

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