An Introduction To Online Gambling For Women

Slot Candy - An Introduction To Online Gambling For Women

An Introduction To Online Gambling For Women

Traditionally casino’s and gambling were considered as a male dominated arena. Women were trophies that hung onto the arms of their husbands at the poker tables dripping in jewels but never played, think James Bond in Casino Royal.

The rise of the female gambler

However, since 1994 when the first online casino was launched there has been a shift in the gender demographic of gambling with more women then ever taking it up whether it be to make money, to relieve boredom or just to try their luck.

With more online gambling sites being aimed now at women, where do you begin?

Here is an introduction to online gambling for women.

From slots, to poker, and betting where do you even start? It is handy to remember that there are two main forms of online gambling and they are;

Online Wagering

This is fairly straightforward and a great place to begin an introduction to online gambling for women. It is where a bet is placed normally on a sporting event. The outcome of a football match or the outcome of certain events such as reality shows or royal baby names.

Online Gaming

Casino style games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and online slots fall into this category and luck based games tend to be the more popular amongst women. Games such as online bingo now cater to the rising female players with bright and playful graphics and tend to be a fun place to start your introduction into online gambling.


You may feel as though you know absolutely nothing about the gambling world, but now a days information, handy tips and practical guides can all be found at the click of a button which means everyone can get a bit of a helping hand as you begin your introduction into the online gambling world.

Why gamble online?

Day to day life has many pressures and turning your hand to online gambling can be a release from them. Whether it be household chores, motherhood, or a bad day at the office online gambling can provide an escape which is why many people. It can be a private and the anonymity of it can be why people begin the introduction into online gambling.

What do you need to know?

To commence your introduction into online gambling for women, you must be aware there are a number of sites out there that may not be as good as the first look. Choosing where to play is important and that is where Slot Candy can help.

Making your decision.

Once you have made your decision, you can create an account and then choose how you wish to play. You can download the software to play offline, or via a mobile app on your browser.


Most online gambling sites have a chat feature and are a great place to socialise especially for those who may suffer from social anxiety or the worry of going to a land based casino if you are a bit of a novice. Online gambling sites now gives women the opportunity to get to learn the basics from the comfort of their own home with the judgement or presence of others.

Ready to play?

If you are ready to start your introduction to online gambling, then let us at Slot Candy help you find the right site for you.

Article Written by Vicki Cockerill

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